Update Subcommand Documentation

When to use it

Use the update subcommand when the upstream repository changed and you want to grab the latest changes.

The update subcommand is non-destructive: local changes you make will be kept after the update.

Example usage

$ piston update vendor/plugins/acts_as_list
$ piston update

Command summary

  piston update [DIRECTORY [DIRECTORY ...]]

      Which directory to update.  Not specifying this will update all unlocked pistonized directories.
  --verbose=[verbose], -v (0 ~> integer(verbose=0)) 
      Verbosity level (0 to 5, 0 being the default) 
  --quiet, -q 
  --revision=revision, -r (0 ~> revision) 
      The revision you wish to operate on 
  --commit=commit (0 ~> commit) 
      The commit you wish to operate on 
      Automatically lock down the revision/commit to protect against blanket 
  --help, -h